Data Recovery in 5 steps

1 Call —224 999 777
2 Fill up Delivering Damaged Media Form
3 Diagnostics procedure — Free of charge
5 We will mail recovered data to you.

We are able to recover

HDD, Digital camera cards, USB flash drives, CD, DVD

  • all hard drives types (HDD)
  • we are experts for 2.5" and 1.8" notebook hard drives
  • disk array RAID
  • floppy, ZIP
  • all digital camera cards
  • usb flash drives
  • magnetic tapes
  • CD, DVD and many more

TDP-Ontrack - Záchrana a obnova dat

Operating Systems and Media

Data may be recovered not only from hard disks. Our team is able to recover
data from any media and systems listed below even if the respective medium is
physically damaged:

Hard diskZIPCompactFlash I, CompactFlash IISmartMediaFloppyIBM MicrodriveCD

DVDMemory StickMultiMediaSecure DigitalDDS Data Cartridge
  • All types of hard disks
  • RAID arrays
  • Floppy
  • ZIP, JAZ, Bernoulli
  • Optic and magnetic-optic media
  • Magnetic tapes
  • CD and DVD (software recovery only)
  • CompactFlash I, CompactFlash II
  • SmartMedia
  • MultiMedia
  • Secure Digital
  • IBM Microdrive
  • Memory Stick
  • And others…
Microsoft WindowsLinuxMS DOSMac OSMac OS XNetwareOS/2
  • Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95/98, NT, 2000, XP
  • Linux
  • MS DOS
  • Palm OS
  • Mac OS, Mac OS X
  • Novell NetWare 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x a 6.x
  • OS/2
  • Systems attacked by virus (such as FAT coded by Helloween)
  • And others…