Disk Price *
Up to 20 GB From CZK 1.000,-
Up to 40 GB From CZK 2.000,-
Up to 80 GB From CZK 2.500,-
Up to 120 GB From CZK 3.000,-
Over 120 GB Individual examination required.

The prices are provided without VAT, unless stated otherwise.
* The lowest possible price.

Price Categories

EXPRES 100 - Additional fee of 100%
The quickest way – non-stop recovery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with full priority before all other options
EXPRES 50 - Additional fee of 50%
Quick priority recover, non-stop on business days
The existing traditional way of data recovery, in which the cases follow the order of delivery; the existing prices and conditions remain effective.

Diagnostics procedure before initiation of data recovery: FREE


The price is higher with 2.5" notebook disks by approximately 10 – 20% due to the construction and miniaturization.